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Chassis Dynamometer

As a leading manufacturer of Chassis dynamometer and testing equipment since year 1999, COSBER, based on years of experience in the vehicle service market and cooperation with many workshops, established DYNOCOSBER division to offer the high performance DYNAMOMETER for CAR racing & tuning market.

We well understand that the car tuning is a troublesome and endless work. Therefore, we keep our industrial idea simple: offer Excellent Dyno with affordable cost, which enables our customers to become powerful players in their business. DYNOCOSBER is designed and developed by ourselves with the latest vehicles testing system of the most advanced electric eddy current control technology, to safely, precisely and quickly test various vehicles’ dynamic data and generate a curve for analyzing the tuning.


Extremely Durable Eddy-Current Retarder with Over-temperature Protection

No maintenance double air-chamber ensures the smooth of lifter

Multiple painting process, long-lasting of metalized paint

Display of chassis power, acceleration time, spot speed and traction force

High adhesive and well-balanced roller

Easy compatibility with external diagnostic equipment, RS-232 port &USB

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