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DYNOCOSBER-M500 Motorcycle Chassis Dyno

The M500 Dyno is a professional horsepower measurement equipment for two-wheel motorcycle.Its top testing speed is over 300km/hwith max RPM to 16,000RPM, and able to test up to 500Hp on the wheel.

M500 use a compact body design but high efficiency, which is able measure motorcycle’s wheelbase of 1200mm~1800mm, itsadjustable wheel base design allows M500 to test from small scooter to also cruiser motorcycle with long wheelbase.Special design ofOne-person-drive package and user-friendly interface make motor dyno test easy and enjoyable.


Extremely Durable Eddy-Current Retarder with Over-temperature Protection

Display of chassis power,acceleration time,spot speed and traction torque

High adhesive and well-balanced roller

Long-lasting powder painting,good polishing of metal list part

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