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RD-3 Handheld Hydrogen Leak Detector

RD-3 handheld hydrogen eak detector uses two sensors for detection,supports small-range high-sensitivity leak detection and large-range high-accuracy leak detection and has functions including real-time display of the measured results,parameter storage,etc. It alarms when the gas concentration in the detected environment is equal to or higher than the set alarm limit.

Main Features

Automatic zero correction

Peak detection

Data hold

Quick response,and quick return to zero

Power supply by a large-capacity lithium battery,battery level detection,and undervoltage prompt

Two sensors which can switch automatically to detect hydrogen leakage of the ppm level or with in the minimum explosion limit

Segment code LCD,and auxiliary alarm threshold LED(10ppm,100ppm,1000ppm,and 1%vol)

Audible and visual alarms that have different frequencies in different alarm condition sand can be eliminated manually

Support for user password modifications for sake of user operation protection

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