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Roller Brake Tester

Roller brake testers are designed and used to inspect braking forces and evaluate the effectiveness of parking andworking brakes.


Equipped with underneath Weight Unit

Corundum-sand roller sets with high adhesion in both dry and wet conditions

High precision sensor ensures the exactitude of inspection result

Using of reinforced steel guarantees strong and durable structure-bodies

High performance motor and gearbox

Electronic subordinate roller (sensor roller) and speed sensor

Automatic start and tyre anti-skid program

Roller driven-out program (air-lifter/motorlock system) is optional

Standard RS-232 & LAN communication port

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Item KZZD-3 KZZD-4 KZZD-10 KZZD-15 KZZD-18
Max.Axle Load 3000kg 4000kg 13000kg 15000kg 18000kg
Measurement Range 0-8000Nx2 0-12500N x 2 0-30000N x 2 0-40000N x 2 0-40000N x 2
Wheel Diameter 500-800mm 500-800mm 600-1100mm 600-1100mm 700-1200mm
Wheel Tread 850-2200mm 850-2600mm 750-2850mm 750-2850mm 850-2800mm
Roller Diameter Φ200mm Φ245mm Φ245mm Φ245mm Φ245mm
Roller Length 700mm 900mm 1100mm 1100mm 1000mm
Motor Power 2.2kw/3.0KW x 2 4kw x 2 11kw x 2 15kw x 2 Dual Speed(13/17kw x 2)
Power Supply 3PH 380V, 50Hz, ground 3PH 380V, 50Hz, ground 3PH 380V, 50Hz, ground 3PH 380V, 50Hz, ground 3PH 380V, 50Hz, ground
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