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Warmly celebrate the successful capping of the first phase of COSBER Inspection Research & Industrial Park in Foshan!


On 24thNovember, 2020, the capping ceremony of the first phase of COSBER Inspection Research & Industrial Park was held at the construction site of Danzao Town, Foshan City. Representatives from local government, Investors, cooperation partners and management of Cosber attended the capping ceremony.

“Today, the first step of Foshan COSBER Inspection Research & Industrial Park has been successfully capped, which is still only half of the overall project.  More critical and more distinguished work is still going on. " COSBER President Ms.Guo Yingsi mentioned in her speech, "My goal is our Inspection Research & Industrial Park will become a bench-mark project in Foshan, the key industrial center in South of China. Live up to the expectations of our partners at all levels, and take the remarkable milestone for our future development.

During the ceremony, a group of leaders and guests held the shovel together and poured the last bucket of concrete for the main building of the project, marking the successful capping of the main building and the construction of this project has entered a new stage.

The project of COSBER Inspection Research & Industrial Park will be developed in four phases. The first phase is the industrial core functional area, with a total construction area of 63,000 square meters, covering office production area, international conference hall, common R&D platform of inspection equipment, inspection business incubator, enterprise exhibition hall, inspection service area and living area. In the future, through the construction of the second, third and fourth phases, COSBER will build the first automobile inspection research & industrial park in South China.

COSBER has been established more than 20 years, with the commitment of providing high-tech services for the automotive aftermarket. COSBER, which taking Shenzhen as its headquarters, and relying on its production base in Foshan and its wholly-owned subsidiary COSBER GmbH in Munich, Germany as its key R&D center, implements the global development strategy of "Smart Integration, Global Innovation". With an international team more than 350 employees, COSBER has domestic branches in Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanning, and Chengdu, and also has its partners in more than 50 countries around the World.

As a company of technology, COSBER delivers to our global customers the innovative solution by integrating the equipment, IT system and software. The goal of our development is to improve the operation efficiency of our customers by offering the superior product and service.