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“Created in China” promotes the development of global Automotive Aftermarket


April 2nd, 2017, a four-day AMR2017 exhibition-The 67th Beijing International Auto maintenance &repair exhibition was officially held at the China International Exhibition Center. Beijing International Auto maintenance &repair exhibition is the largest auto repair equipment, tools and beauty conservation exhibition in Asia. The exhibition area expanded to 120,000 square meters, there are many of Auto maintenance companies and service chain enterprises which are well-known in domestic and overseas gathering here and they are on behalf of the most influential Auto maintenance & repair products, technology, services and solutions in China and even the whole Asia-Pacific area.

Cosber team in AMR As an old friend of AMR, COSBER, as always, has had attention from all parties. 180 square feet of the booth is decorated by COSBER green as the main color. It was data transmission as the inspiration of booth design that transmits the concept of overall service which considers information as a bridge to connect equipment with other parts. In addition to the traditional PTI equipment, the first appearance of COSBER auto maintenance equipment which is about to be launched in global market attracting a lot of domestic and foreign exhibitors stop to have a look. The overall solution and the initiated program (Establishing Vehicle Inspection station within 30 days) coordinated with the new national standard GB18565-2016 is launched by COSBER at the same time. It is no doubt that COSBER has become the focus throughout the exhibition.

In recent years, the rapid development of Auto Aftermarket has indeed been in the forefront of the world, as well as the transformation and upgrading. Especially in the Asian and African countries, the use of “Made in china” auto maintenance equipment is becoming a trend. Looking around the world, Chinese manufacturing has gradually become a synonymous of high quality and good price. COSBER adheres to “Created in China” based on “Made in China”, from hardware equipment to software systems, totally are self-developed. The overall service program implemented by COSBER promotes the innovation and development of multinational Auto Aftermarket.

2018, COSBER see you again in Beijing!