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Cosber attends the 2017 Automechanika Shanghai


The 2017 Automechanika Shanghai, which took place from 29 November to 2 December 2017, has received overwhelmingly positive response from all corners of the automotive industry. The event represents the entire supply chain for business exchange, marketing, networking and education on a global scale, and is Asia’s largest trade fair for the automotive parts, accessories and service industries.

As an old friend of the Automechaniaka exhibitions, Cosber has been the focus of all parties. The main hall of Hall 5.1 is in the middle of the main building. The world's first wireless remote control intelligent brake tester, joint designed by Sino-German, is equipped with high-precision German brand sensors and adopts an advanced and user-friendly control operating system. Cosber launched self-developed AC, ATF and other intelligent auto maintenance equipment. The system is simple and easy to operate due to the elegant design by Europe.

In recent years, the rapid development and transformation and upgrading of China's automotive aftermarket has been at the forefront of the world, and Chinese brands are receiving more and more attention. On the basis of China's manufacturing, Cosber insists delicate-fine in quality, pursues perfect and casts refinement

Cosber products are exported to all over the world, promoting the innovation and development of the global automotive aftermarket.