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Yaritagua, Venezuela Sees COSBER Vehicle QC Testline’s Good Performance for Newly Assembled JAC Trucks

COSBER’s Vehicle QC Testline performs well for the first 2 years in JAC Truck Assembly Plant in Yaritagua, Venezuela since its operation from the middle of 2012.

On April 2011, Venezuelan State signed agreement with Lara CA Auto Parts, authorizing it to join JAC Vehicles, a project to start JAC’s first Vehicle Assembly Plant in South America begins by then.  One year later, the 1st stage of the Assembly Plant located in the state Yaracuy begins its operation, with an installed capacity to produce up to 5,000 trucks per year.

COSBER signed an agreement with JAC headquarters in early 2012, agrees to supply Vehicle QC Testline for JAC automobile manufacture in Yaritagua, Venezuela. After 1 month of hard working for installation and operation training, the testline begins its official operation to ensure the good quality of every newly assembled vehicle from August, 2012.

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